Protective covers for mattresses and cushions

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Protective covers for mattresses and cushions 

Our protective covers are always made-to-measure for your mattress. Our own production in our studio in Kaatsheuvel ensures that every cover always fits your mattress perfectly. These urine-resistant mattress covers protect your mattresses in the case of incontinence (involuntary loss of urine) but are also ideal as protective covers against stains and dirt. These protective covers guarantee that you always have a clean and hygienic mattress for your guests.

Our incontinence-resistant mattress covers and pillow cases were designed especially for the medical market, such as nursing and care homes.

Urine-resistant mattresses, which are also known as incontinence mattresses, can be supplied with various types of mattress core. This means that comfortable mattresses are available for people who suffer from incontinence. Besides the standard fabric mattress covers, we have developed the Projecta Plus -108 mattress cover. A urine-resistant mattress cover, which always protects your mattress effectively. This is stitched in our own workshop, which means that we can deliver in all conceivable dimensions.

Projecta Plus -108, the protective mattress cover for use in the recreation market

The Projecta Plus -108 mattress cover has a great many positive properties and therefore advantages. A mattress with this cover is urine-resistant, fire-retardant, durable, water-repellent, breathing, strong, comfortable and always has a hygienic look. The mattresses that we supply with the Projecta Plus -108 cover are available in all types, sizes and thicknesses. In 2008, we further developed our incontinence-resistant mattress covers to what we now call our Projecta Plus mattress covers. Strengthening the basic fibre of this fabric made the Projecta Plus cover more resistant to tearing. This made the Projecta Plus exceptionally suitable for use in the recreation market.

We therefore currently supply our protective covers not only to the medical market, but also to recreation companies such as: Group accommodation, holiday and bungalow parks, project furnishers, hotels, care farms, bed & breakfasts, Hostels, Chalet landlords, caravans and tents. In short – everyone who wants to make their mattresses last longer chooses our Projecta Plus mattress and cushion covers. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses. 

Optimum protective mattress cover or pillow case

From simple to highly fire-retardant. We have everything needed for an optimally protected mattress, which will save you money and enable you to always be able to offer your clients a clean mattress. Uw Bed Professional produces mattress and pillow covers from this special material.

Properties of this Projecta Plus mattress cover are:









 Easy to clean

The Projecta Plus mattress covers are available in 4 standard colours:

Green – Blue – Beige – Anthracite

Projecta Plus protective covers

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