Special mattresses

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Specials mattresses

When mattresses must meet special requirements, other than described above, we soon start talking about ‘specials’. Foams that are not intended for traditional mattresses, but only have a function as a part of a mattress.

Health mattresses

With the term health mattresses, we are referring to mattresses that are geared specifically to conformity and support, with a healthy physical posture being the highest priority. The terms anti-decubitus (prevents pressure ulcers), ergonomics and dermatology occur frequently in the care and medical sector. These are the most important criteria that apply to the development of health mattresses.

special mattresses

Mattresses with protective covers

Incontinence mattresses are not only used in hospitals and nursing homes. These days, you see mattresses with protective covers everywhere. Hygiene plays an important role in beds when they are regularly slept in by other people. New techniques for the production of mattress fabrics have enabled us to develop a wonderful product that can be used everywhere and by everyone. Read more about these covers here.

special mattresses

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