Memory foam mattresses

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Memory foam mattresses

Mattresses with a memory foam heart.

Memory foam is an improved variant of polyether. The material has another cellular structure, which makes the foam thicker and longer-lasting. Memory foam is naturally slightly fire-retardant. The air permeability of the memory foam is also very important. This allows the material to ventilate excellently, which is a highly sought-after property in mattresses.

Due to these positive properties, memory foam is used not only for full foam mattresses, but can also be found as a covering layer on top of pocket spring mattresses and as a comfort layer in top mattresses.

Mattresses have undergone countless developments in recent decades, and they have made the material even more comfortable that it already was. For example, there are very flexible and comfortable variants with an extra high density, but there is also super-soft memory foam that is only suitable for use as a comfort layer in mattresses. If you are interested in getting to know all of these variants, we would be happy to visit you and demonstrate them.

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