Bonnel spring mattress

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What are Bonnell springs?

The steel spring core of a Bonnell mattress consists of a single package of sealed springs that are connected to each other by means of a steel spiral. The steel Bonnell springs are shaped like an hourglass and are thermally hardened during the production process in order to guarantee their durability. Bonnell springs are one of the oldest types of spring that are still produced.

Affordable simplicity

The connection of every spring to each other creates a very springy mattress with low point elasticity. This means that the elasticity of the individual springs is not optimum, but the mattress is very firm. Bonnell springs have the largest shape of any in the spring mattresses. The result is that a relatively low number of springs is required to make a mattress which is regarded as affordable for simpler products.

The sleeping comfort of a Bonnel spring mattress

The fact that all springs are connected to each other gives Bonnell mattresses elastic comfort. The comfort class is medium, which makes them suitable for average people. Spring mattresses are therefore frequently used in projects in which average and affordable mattresses are chosen. What also determines the comfort of the mattress is the finishing. In a Bonnell mattress this is the pressure distributor (a felt layer that covers the Bonnell springs). This protects the foam that is placed on top of it and also distributes the pressure. As Bonnell springs have a large diameter, a good pressure distributor prevents you from feeling the springs. This is why Bonnell mattresses require good finishing (read: sufficient thickness).

The finishing of Bonnell spring mattresses

The outside of the mattress is fitted with a damask or a cover. This can be made of towelling or a double fabric. The advantage of covers is that they can be unzipped. However, cheaper damasks are often used in order to lower the price.

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