Metal divan bed Robuusta

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Metal divan bed Robuusta is a divisible bunk bed

The metal divan bed Robuusta is the single version of the Robuusta bunk bed, and is also known as our Safari bed. The divisible bunk bed consists of 2 stacked single beds/Robuusta divan beds. Hardwood poles (FSC) that determine the character of the Robuusta will give your bedroom/dormitory warmth and atmosphere.

The basis of the Robuusta ‘Safari bed’ is made from thick steel and fitted with a strong Trasmad® base. This base is unsprung, which does not invite ’trampoline’ jumping. It is possible to convert two divan beds into one bunk bed with the aid of a simple but high quality coupling system.

The bed has now been in use in outdoor accommodation such as safari tents and lodge tents for several years. The epoxy coating makes the varnish very strong and the bed suitable for humid environments.

We take account of the environment when we develop our products. The beds are not treated with environmentally unfriendly varnishes. Moreover, the components are easy to separate from each other, which makes them exceptionally suitable for recycling.

This divan bed is available as standard in the sizes 80×200 and 90×200 (different sizes are possible on request). Standard sizes can be supplied from stock. All of our beds are securely packaged in strong cardboard, including manual and accessories. The divan bed Robuusta is always delivered per 2 pieces/even quantities. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses. 

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