Single bed Mike

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Single bed Mike can also be used as a bunk bed

The Mike bunk bed is a divisible bunk bed. This means that you can make 2 single person divan beds from the Mike. The fact that we also use the super-strong Trasmad bed base in this steel bed means that you are also assured good and sound sleeping comfort. The complete Mike bunk bed has an EN quality mark (747-1/2). The bed is therefore completely tested for durability and safety. You can therefore assume that our Mike single bed meets all criteria.

This extremely robust divan bed is exceptionally durable. Using the thick steel tubes, 7 steel transverse beams supporting the woven steel mat, the strong suspension points and the durable finish with the super-strong powder coating makes the Martin one of the most solid divan beds.

The robust look of the head and foot end allows divan bed Mike to be appropriate for both rural and modern interiors. You see single bed Mike everywhere: hiker’s huts, lodge tents, and also in accommodation such as group houses, camping farms, barracks, shelters, personnel housing, student houses, bungalows, chalets, hotels, hostels, etc.

The standard sizes are 90×200 and 80×200. Naturally, they are also supplied in the lengths 210 cm or 190 cm. The exterior dimensions are + 7 cm in the length and width. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses.

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