Divan bed Conny

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Divan bed Conny

The Conny divan bed is an example of simplicity and solidity. An incredibly strong steel bed that can be assembled quickly and simply without tools. This bed consists of just 2 strong brackets and a strong bed base.

The head of the Conny divan bed is a simple curved bracket resting on 2 plastic caps. There are 2 welded ‘noses’ on the outside into which the hooks of the base are inserted. The tapered shape allows the base to be secured easily.

The Conny divan bed is a very durable bed. This is partly because we use thick steel tubes, 7 steel tranverse beams to support the woven steel mat, the robust suspension points and the durable finish with the super-strong powder coating.

This divan bed has a multitude of applications. The bed has been supplied in this design in the Netherlands and overseas for more than 50 years and has more than proven its durability. A steel bed that is used primarily in – group houses, camp site farms, barracks, care homes, personnel accommodation, student housing, bungalows, chalets, hotels, hostels, etc.

The standard sizes are 90×200 and 80×200, which are, naturally, also supplied in lengths of 210 cm or 190 cm. The sleeping height of the Conny is 40 cm. If you would like a different size Conny, this is certainly possible. We are happy to provide you with advice on this subject. The exterior dimensions are + 6 cm in the length and width. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses. 

We would be happy to give you advice about our divan bed Conny

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