Divan beds

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Divan beds available in different models

Our beds are derived from our well known extremely durable bunk beds. So, these divan beds must certainly also be designated as extremely durable. Our beds were designed for use in the professional sector. The majority of beds have the strong Trasmad base made of woven steel wire. Other features are the stability and the simplicity with which these beds can be assembled and disassembled.

Our beds are used at:

Divan bed designs

The Conny and Martin models are not striking due to luxurious design, but are primarily functional models that do exactly what they were designed for. Providing an affordable, simple sleeping place that can also be set up quickly. The extremely solid construction means that these beds can handle a weight of 150 kg. The more luxurious ‘Robuusta’ model is the single version of the Robuusta bunk bed. This bed also has the very strong Trasmad base. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses. 

The bed base is literally the foundation of a good divan bed. In our divan beds this is the TNO tested Trasmad base. An incredibly strong, unsprung bed base made of woven steel wires and 7 strong side beams. The Trasmad is very strong and does not invite ’trampoline jumping’. The Trasmad bed base enables us to make the bed extra strong, and, moreover, extra safe. The bed base is supported by strong transverse supports along the entire length.

 Our beds are durable and safe and are packaged in strong cardboard, including manual and accessories. If you have a special project with special wishes and possibly your own model, or desire alterations, please contact us.

You can choose from three models in our ‘extremely durable’ divan beds. All of our divan beds are categorised as steel beds and are fitted with the strong Trasmad base.

Divan beds available in different colours

The basic colours of our divan beds are black, anthracite, aluminium grey and white. The epoxy coating provides a hardwearing, durable protective layer. Other RAL colours are available on request. Attention! There are minimum purchase quantities per model for the production of different colours. Ask us about the options.

The Divan models

You can choose from 3 models in our range of ‘extremely durable’ divan beds. All of our divan beds are categorised as steel beds and are fitted with the strong Trasmad base.

We have the models:

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