Metal bunk bed John

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Divisible metal bunk bed John

The metal bunk bed John is the most practical bunk bed because it is childishly easy to divide and stack. A good bunk bed that can withstand intense use easily. The bed has a solid construction and is made in accordance with European safety standards.

Its simplicity and extremely strong construction means that this bed is very widely used in the recreation sector, but we also supply this bed to agricultural companies that need housing for temporary personnel. The divisible bunk bed John is easy to convert tot wo 1-person beds by removing the connection pieces (tubes). This metal bunk bed is delivered as standard with a bed ladder and railings. As soon as the ladder is fastened and screwed into place it is impossible to separate the top and bottom bed, which guarantees safety.

Metal bunk beds

This bunk bed is available as standard in the sizes 80×200 and 90×200 (different sizes are possible on request). Standard sizes can be delivered from stock. All of our beds are packaged securely in robust cardboard, including a manual and accessories. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses. 

The bed base (Trasmad basic) consists of heavy side beams that are connected 8 strong transverse supports. This supports a woven wire mat that is spot-welded to the steel frame on all sides. A bed base that is literally as strong as iron. This bed is extremely strong and stable, despite the fact that it is not very heavy.

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