Bunk beds

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Extremely durable bunk beds

Uw Bed Professional bunk beds have the standard designation of ‘extremely durable’. All our beds were developed for the professional market. This means that the beds were developed for ‘intense’ use and are easy to assemble. Attention was devoted to the rigidity and stability of our beds during their development.

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The bed base is literally the basis of a good (bunk) bed. In our beds this is the TNO tested Trasmad base. An incredibly solid, unsprung base made from woven steel and strong side beams. The Trasmad is extremely strong and does not invite you to ‘trampoline jump’. The Trasmad bed base enables us to make the bed extra strong and, moreover, extra safe. The bed base is supported along its entire length by strong transverse supports. Here you can see our entire range of mattresses.

Our beds are safe. Strong railings and ladders ensure that you sleep safely in our bunk beds. Despite the fact that a great many models can be divided into 2 divan beds, the bunk bed versions are easy to connect to each other.

Our range of bunk beds consists of 4 models.

  1. Bunk bed John, divisible, extremely durable, 100% steel
  2. Bunk bed Mike, divisible, extremely durable, 100% steel and with European quality mark
  3. Bunk bed Robuusta, divisible, extremely durable, wood and steel
  4. Bunk bed Robuusta EN, not divisible, extremely durable, wood and steel with European quality mark

Advantages of sleeping in a bunk bed

A bunk bed has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that the bunk bed can be placed in smaller rooms so there is a place to sleep for two people. The space in the room is used efficiently, as a bunk bed only increases in height. Another advantage is that children often love sleeping at height. This makes it fun for them to climb onto the top bed.

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