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Sleep like at home on Uw Bed Professional box springs

Sleeping comfortably, like at home. That is what modern guests desire more and more.

Box springs are a wonderful response to this desire. The fact that box springs are fitted with double springs, namely in the box spring and in the mattress, makes them a comfortable experience.

Uw Bed Professional has various box springs in the range that were especially developed for professional use. The box springs are available in various colours, materials and sizes and both flat (not adjustable) and electrically adjustable.

Our box springs are used by:

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Box springs: the sprung foundation

Box spring literally means a box with springs. The box spring is therefore only the platform that supports the mattress. Box springs are usually constructed with a steel or wood frame that is fitted with a sprung interior, a pressure distributor, comfort foam and the furniture fabric. The quality is determined by using this type of robust construction and high-quality materials.

The fact that box springs contain springs from end to end means that they are sprung along their entire width, in contrast to spiral and slatted bases. Moreover, the large spring travel of box springs provides unique comfort that is unequalled by other types of bed base.

What types of box springs do we have?

The original box spring

This is constructed on a sprung frame. This can be a Bonnell or Pocket Sprung interior. Most of the professional market still works with the less expensive Bonnell springs.

The poly box spring

The same frame as the original box spring. However, the springs are replaced with a firm polyurethane core. This is usually a polyether or memory foam core. These cores give the box springs a firmer and less springy character. The look is the same after upholstery.

Our collection of box springs

As stated previously, the box spring is actually the frame/platform on which the mattress rests.

The hard box spring

This box spring is not sprung, because it is actually not a real box spring. The look is the same. However, the frame is made completely of wood. Steel frames that are completely covered in upholsterer’s cardboard are also used in extremely cheap versions. Not suitable for the project market, but frequently offered as bargains, primarily to consumers.

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