Bed linen

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Good bed linen makes the difference

As a supplier of good quality beds, box springs and mattresses for the professional market we do not lack a good range. We have bed linen that is appropriate for every type project in terms of luxury, finish and life span. Here is our standard range. But we also supply specials, custom-made products that we develop especially at the request of clients.

Experiencing an enjoyable stay is connected with high quality, restful sleep. The correct bed linen contributes to this subconsciously and should therefore never be the closing entry in your budget.

Comfort & Hygiene of bed linen

Everyone enjoys sleeping soundly in a clean bed. It must be possible to clean the bed linen easily and intensively, so that you can always offer a clean bed. Accidents happen all the time. So if they happen in your beds you want to be able to clean thoroughly and quickly and offer your (new) guest a hygienic bed. After all, guests do not want to be confronted with the previous guest’s problems. Take advice on the correct materials.


Of course, our range is based on the above criteria and our years’ of experience. Read more to get to know our wide range. We use the following groups of fabrics: Protective fabrics (Moltons and watertight covers)

Bed linen (fitted sheets, sheets, cases and quilt covers)

Quilts and Cushions

Protective bed linen

Moltons and other protective covers keep your mattresses clean for years and ensure that you can enjoy your beds for longer. We always say that good protection earns itself back. Moreover, your clients appreciate your beds more when they look clean, fresh and hygienic.


Moltons are made of thick cotton, which is roughened, thereby increasing moisture absorption.

We would be happy to give you advice about our bed linen

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