Spring mattresses

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Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are extremely springy mattresses in which the core consists of a ‘package’ of springs.

Mattresses with a metal spring interior are used in the project market for many reasons. This is because this type of mattress has many advantages. The most important are:

  1. Hygiene and good ventilation. The fact that there is a great deal of air between the springs means that every movement brings that air into motion. This allows the mattress to breath, thereby losing its heat and moisture.
  2. The typical spring. A spring is produced from hardened steel wire which is given a certain spring force by its coils and a certain spring travel by its height. This cannot be equalled by any other product, which means that a spring mattress provides a unique level of comfort.
  3. Good combination with box springs. To obtain the unique comfort of a box spring/hotel bed you must combine a spring box spring with a spring mattress. The double sprung layer creates he unique box spring/hotel bed feeling.
  4. The height of the springs makes it possible to produce affordable, relatively thick mattresses that are still easy to handle.

Many variants of spring mattresses have been developed over the years. We have selected to types of spring mattresses for the project market.

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