Pocket spring mattresses

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What are pocket springs of pocket spring mattresses?

The name pocket spring literally means spring in a pocket. In contrast to the Bonnell spring, whereby all of the springs are connected by steel wire spirals, all pocket springs are packaged separately and connected to each other with a special hotmelt connection. This allows each of the pocket springs to move independently of the surrounding springs. We call this high point elasticity, which provides better support and enables a pocket spring to offer a higher level of sleep comfort.

Why pocket springs?

Pocket springs were originally developed because beds became adjustable. The arrival of adjustable slatted bases, spiral bases and box springs meant that mattresses had to be able to follow the adjustment of the frame. The original Bonnell springs could not do this, which prompted the producers of spring interiors to develop a new type of spring that could be adjusted simply. This product was subsequently developed and given more good features.

Variations and possibilities

As all pocket springs are packaged separately it is possible to vary the steel wire thickness of the springs. This allows us to create comfort zones that enable the mattresses to adapt more effectively to the natural shape of the body. Pocket springs are available in various diameters. Consequently, the number of springs per square metre can vary from 200 to 500 per square metre. The rule of thumb is the more springs per square metre, the greater the load-bearing capacity. We are happy to advise you on the appropriate types for your accommodation.

Lying comfort

The independent spring travel of the pocket springs allows a pocket spring to adapt effectively to the shape of the body. We call this conformity, which is excellent in pocket spring mattresses. Using multi-zone cores improves this even more, and if a good layer of foam (comfort foam or memory foam) is applied and outstanding mattress is produced.

The finishing of pocket spring mattresses

As with every mattress, the damask or cover contributes to the comfort and the look. The suppleness and elasticity of a pocket spring mattress is best preserved when it is fitted with an elastic mattress cover made from double fabric or towelling. Moreover, a beautiful mattress cover enhances the look of the mattress and therefore your beds.

The comparison

Development of mattresses is keeping pace with developments in the bed industry. Pocket spring has become the logical successor to the Bonnell spring. Bonnell springs are offered as mattress interior springs less and less frequently. However, Bonnell springs are still frequently used as springs for box springs. A box spring serves as the elastic support for the mattress. Bonnell springs are still an excellent choice for box springs in the residential recreation sector. But we recommend using the pocket spring as the spring for the mattress. This combination creates the wonderful hotel bed feeling.

We would be happy to give you advice about our pocket spring mattresses

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