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The mattresses

Mattresses are some of the most important components of the bed. They support our body and must ensure that we sleep wonderfully and feel relaxed and rested when we wake up. The mattresses that we purchase for ourselves at home are increasingly often a part of a complete sleep system or have ingenious technical features that customise them completely for our requirements.


Project mattresses

The mattresses in guest accommodation do not have these features, but resting while on holiday is extremely important and the landlord/operator of guest accommodation must choose one mattress that is suitable for the widest possible target group. Moreover, mattresses in professional organisation usually suffer more than those in home situations, which means that intensive use must be taken into account when developing and producing mattresses.

A mattress for each segment

Uw Bed Professional has years of expertise (more than 30 years) in the recreation and institutional market. The knowledge that we have acquired is shown in our products. Every project has its own classification, wishes and budget. We have the right product for every segment.

The mattress choice 

To provide a clear picture of the mattresses that we offer we have divided them into groups. Naturally, if you would like advice on what type of mattress is appropriate for your segment, accommodation and requirements, we are happy to help. After all, sleep is our business.

The criteria for mattresses

Every project and/or accommodation requires its own approach. We are familiar with the demands made on mattresses in certain situations. Mattresses must frequently meet one or more of the following requirements: durable, fire-safe, bacteria-repellent, easy to clean, water and/or urine resistant, extremely durable, suitable for different types of bed bases, height limitations or even customised work. Our organisation is geared to manufacturing its products in compliance with these requirements.

For fire safety we can supply mattresses that meet stringent requirements. We also have mattresses for the maritime sector that meet stringent requirements and are certified.

Where can you find our products?

The following types of clients have purchased our mattresses and beds.

Holiday parks, camping sites, hotels, resorts, hostels, youth hostels, bed & breakfast, group accommodation, conference centres, training institutes, personnel housing, student housing, expat homes, refugee reception, project furnishers, interior architects and homeowner associations.



We would be happy to give you advice about our mattresses

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The types of mattresses from which you can choose are: