Customised advice

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Customised advice

If you have accommodation and need our help to complete your project, you can call on our expertise. We can offer you our ‘Customised Advice’ free of charge. This has enabled us to execute a multitude of projects to the client’s satisfaction that could not have been completed with a standard product.

A brief introduction

Uw Bed Professional, wholesaler and producer of sleep comfort. Our company was founded in the Brabantian town of Kaatsheuvel by Wim Hendriks and John Grootswagers in 2006. Both have acquired a wealth of experience in the bed and bed linen sector.

For and by professionals

We specialise in beds, mattresses and linen that is used by professionals. For example, holiday parks, group accommodation, hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast and other residential accommodation.

New products created through cooperation

Our range is usually completely appropriate for the needs of our clients. If there are specified wishes or requirements, we search for the correct product. But the most important innovations are created by cooperating with our clients, who inspire us time and again. The Safari bed and the Projecta+ covers are good examples. They were ‘Customised Advice’ products that eventually, after some alterations, became standard items.

Stringent requirements

Our products are subject to stringent requirements. Predicates such as ‘extremely durable’ or ‘fire-retardant’ often accompany our products. Markets change, and products change with them. You frequently see this in the models, but requirements that products must meet are also constantly adjusted. These requirements are stipulated by the government or sector associations, but fashion also penetrates the project sector, which means that models or colour schemes always move with the times. It is our task to adjust our range appropriately.


Major projects often involve working with professional project furnishers or interior architects. They advise the user/operator at an early stage and place their mark on the choice of materials and colours. This means that it regularly occurs that new products are devised. Here too, Uw Bed Professional is the right partner. Our enormous network and cooperation with a wide range of domestic and international producers, supplemented with our years of experience ensure that we can answer all your questions.


A good product needs good service. It does not stop for us after delivery. We continue to work on the relationship that we have started with you. Why? Because this, in our humble opinion, is the only unique in which a company can distinguish itself.
So, no long waiting times on the telephone, but effective support, where necessary or requested.

Why so many qualities?

There are certain situations in which basic quality is not always enough. Examples include safety, fire safety, anti-bacterial, breathable and so forth. Standard polyether alternatives were developed for this purpose. In general you could say that over the years the following groups of soft polyurethane foams have been developed.

  • Polyester (no longer processed as mattress quality)
  • Polyether
  • Cold foam (HR/ High Resilience Polyurethane)
  • CM Polyether (Combustion Modified Polyurethane)
  • CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience)

Orientation: the first phase

Product development starts at the source. The wish and the goal of the client. These two do not always go together. Often enough, we see that no definite goal is set in the initial phase, that there are doubts about models, materials or colour choices, or we may find that incorrect choices have been made or that essential issues have been ignored too easily. You can expect an active role from us in the first phase. Our years of experience have already helped us to advise our clients on many occasions. After all, you expect professional support and good advice from us.

The design: the second phase

When the first step has been taken, the advice will produce a drawing or trial model. Depending on time, a choice is made, and we discuss the first plans (scale) models or 3D drawing. If necessary, a test set-up is produced that simulates the practical situation. An important moment when plans, ideas and new insights often lead to alterations in the product to be developed.

The tender: the third phase

Naturally, the first phase involves considering the budget, because there is always a budget. The budget always runs parallel throughout the project. Finally, developing a product that is not profitable is senseless. However, we occasionally dare to raise the bar further than the client in order to reveal the possibilities and opportunities.
If the tender and the first product presentation are appropriate for each other, the next step is planning the production of a definitive model. If the product is relatively simple, the order can also be placed.

The delivery: the fourth phase

The products are delivered to the location agreed with the client on time and securely packaged. We work with permanent partners in major projects. For smaller projects we also have our own transport options for product delivery.

The assembly: the fifth phase

When all products have arrived at their destination, everything must be correctly assembled and placed. Clients frequently execute the assembly, simply because it saves money and a great many products are extremely easy to assemble. We sometimes execute the assembly after consultation, or we have specialised partners that take care of the transport and assembly on our behalf.

The evaluation: the final phase

When all products have been delivered and assembled we visit you again to evaluate your and our experiences. This allows us to learn from your and our experiences and retain or, if necessary, improve our quality.

Innovations in recent years

In the last 7 years we have made our mark on the bed market to a greater or lesser degree. New models have been launched and existing products have been innovated under our direction. Here are some of those products. With this list we would like to show that our company has a wide range of options in the field of sleep, because this is what all of these products have in common: sleep! Here are some developments:

  • Wood bedsteads
  • Decorative steel beds
  • Steel bunk beds
  • Single divan beds
  • Space-saving beds or sofa beds
  • Special projects + designs
  • Box springs and mattresses

We regularly offer custom-made items in these segments. Customised Advice can lead to an extremely satisfying result in all cases.

We gladly give customised advice

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